AIHI & DUQuA related research

At AIHI, we are undertaking a range of complementary areas of research.

High performing organisations: We believe that important lessons can be learned from studying hospitals that are doing things well. Our systematic review of high performing hospitals identified seven themes associated with high performance, and catalogued 56 strategies for achieving high performance. The open access article is published in BMC Health Services Research.

figure 2 rich picture

Rich picture of high performing hospitals. Taylor et al. BMC Health Services Research 2015 15:244   doi:10.1186/s12913-015-0879-z

Sample size calculation for complex studies: Performing complex, multi-site studies calculation of a sample size can be complicated. It is important to balance statistical rigour and pragmatism in these instances. The DUQuA team have created a framework to guide researchers through sample size problems using DUQuA as a case study. The paper “When is enough, enough? Understanding and solving your sample size problems in health services research” is published in BMC Research Notes.

Patient Measure of Safety (PMOS) pilot study: this UK-validated questionnaire was piloted in an Australian hospital, before being implemented nationally in the DUQuA study. The UK-validation study was published in BMJ Quality & Safety.